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Stone & Spade | Rainwater Harvesting & Water Systems

Water harvesting is part of our Earthworks. We find creative ways to collect, divert and store water using whole systems design. Our work integrates with the land for irrigation, smart water channelling to prevent erosion and supplementing water for home and human use.

Holistic Storm Water Management &
Erosion Control

Erosion prevention is key to saving our topsoil, rivers and
With our unique Western NC slopes, taking responsibility for our stormwater is extremely important.

Smart stormwater management maintains the value and integrity of your
property. No job is too small or too large for us to provide you with optimal
water management solutions. Our work is customized to each client's unique landscape.

Water Harvesting & Stormwater Management Services

Constructed Wetlands

Creating a wetland on your property is the ideal sustainable solution to treat stormwater naturally with minimal impact. Using wetlands as a
natural filtration system, let the plants do what they love to do - filter and thrive.

These diverse systems create natural habitat for a multitude of native species to flourish. Think of a safe haven for a native habitat and you have constructed wetlands. We work with all native plant species to create and replicate natural systems to welcome home the biodiversity that would otherwise be dispersed. Birds, butterflies and other beneficial insects, amphibians, and reptiles will call this spot in your yard home.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater catchment and harvesting is a simple, sustainable way to maximize the use you get from the water on your land while eliminating erosion. Conserving water by using rainwater for all applicable uses and saving potable water for uses that strictly require it is the sustainable choice
given our global water challenges.

Rainwater can be harvested for use in agricultural applications such as irrigating crops and providing fresh water for livestock. Rainwater collection for home use can include watering plants and gardens, integrating into the home system for laundry, and as a source of water for your newly-constructed wetland or pond. We offer a full range of filtration and purification for all rainwater harvesting needs.

Rainwater Diversion System by Stone & Spade
Pond and Lake Construction

Ponds and Lakes

The construction of ponds and lakes on your land is an integral part in water harvesting, erosion control, and permaculture solutions for your property. Water is life and where water collects, so does wildlife.

Creating a natural and consistent source of water on your land provides a way for your family to interface with nature and best utilize the water available. Swimming, aquaponics and fish farming, meditative water gardens, or
occasional weekend fishing from the comfort of home are just a few ideas for how a pond or lake would enhance your property.