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Permaculture Gardening Practices

Applying permaculture gardening practices to your landscape is simpler than it may seem. In the best permaculture scenarios, the entire system is self-sustaining, requiring less work and resources to maintain than conventional gardening.

Attracting beneficial insects, companion planting with native species, smart water systems, terraced gardens on mountain properties, and landscaping with edible plants are some components of well-planned permaculture gardening. These elements work together effortlessly to ensure the success of your garden, beautifying your property and increasing its value along the way.

Gardening with Native Plants

Native plants are always those most fit for survival in any given location. Native species will thrive in the conditions already present on your land.
Gardening with native plants requires less pest prevention and fertilizing.
Native plants work with the beneficial insects that live on your property and are suited to the climate, as well as the available sunshine and rain.

We focus our permaculture gardening recommendations on native plants best suited to growing well on your land and meeting your long-term needs for your property.

Permaculture Gardening with Native Plants
Edible Permaculture Gardening by Stone & Spade

Creating an Edible Landscape

Create a long lasting relationship with your land by bringing in the medicinal plants needed for self care and nutrition. A number of
medicinal plants are native to the environment of the North Carolina mountains.

Perennials like berry bushes thrive here and require little upkeep over time. Planting fruit trees for your supplemental seasonal nutrition is a wonderful way to maximize your land's value for yourself and future generations. Thoughtfully planned, these measures in permaculture gardening can provide you and your family with effortless resources for years to come, and food to share with friends and family along the way.

Terraces in Permaculture Gardening

Terraced gardens have been used throughout history to make optimal use of mountainous terrain in gardening. Terracing prevents erosion and loss of valuable topsoil. Terrace gardening is the perfect remedy for our WNC land.

Use of terraces creates more space for your garden and makes best use of the space available. We analyze the slope of your land, taking into account the movement of both sun and rain in your location to advise the best placement of terraces for your situation. We then mindfully use Earthworks to achieve the best permaculture solution for your property.

Permaculture Gardening Sketch by Stone & Spade

Contact us if we can help with these services or any of your other permaculture gardening needs. We offer consultations to create your permaculture plan, as well as education on permaculture practices.

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