Stone & Spade Earthworks Constructed Pond

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What is Earthworks?

From a permaculture standpoint, Earthworks make best use of existing rocks, soil, and terrain to allow humans and their environment to work together. Working with the lay of your land, we utilize Earthworks in sculpting and construction. Earthworks often involves excavation and we do this mindfully with the least impact on the property and species that call it home.

Earthworks is essential to water harvesting. With climate change rapidly advancing and the challenges that brings, collection and storage of water is crucial. We offer earth harmonizing ways to work with your landscape to maximize usage of the water that passes onto and through it.

Earthworks in Action

Earthworks Water Storage by Stone & Spade
Earthworks in Action by Stone & Spade
Earthworks in Progress by Stone & Spade

Earthworks encompasses many of our services. We use Earthworks in creating terraced gardens. Earthworks is at play in digging out lakes, ponds, and wetlands. Earth is excavated in installing wind turbines for wind energy systems. Erosion control sometimes means Earthworks are needed to channel water more effectively.

Contact us if we can help you address any of these or other earthworks and permaculture projects.