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Our services include permaculture-based solutions for home and large-scale corporate applications in Western North Carolina. We provide water systems, earthworks, permaculture design and installation, terracing and edible landscaping, wind energy installations, industrial remediation, and permaculture education and consulting. We can recommend fully integrated solutions from among these or work with your ideas in any single area of our expertise.

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On site visitation and creative projections are important stimulating conversations to better serve our customers. All our work begins with an onsite consultation. We are passionate about aiding our clients in reading their landscapes. We are excited and engaged to learn your vision while providing you with insights and constructive feedback. We approach each individual piece of land to gain a full understanding of its beauty, assets, and challenges to arrive at the best permaculture-based solutions for your unique situation.


Additional Permaculture-based Solutions and Services

Have a permaculture idea, related request or project you don't see listed here? Contact us and we'll be glad to speak with you or set up a consultation for a quote that meets the permaculture-based solutions you need.

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