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Meet Stone and Spade

Stone and Spade is a family-owned permaculture solutions business operating out of Western North Carolina. We provide a full range of sustainable services in WNC and beyond designed to work with your needs and specific piece of property.

John and Greta of Stone and Spade
Stone and Spade Permaculture Gardens
Stone & Spade Permaculture Stonework

We work on large-scale projects for businesses, as well as in your backyard implementing edible landscaping, smart water management solutions, terraced gardens, earthworks of all kinds, and much more.

Stone and Spade Permaculture Greenhouses

Stone and Spade has the equipment, experience, and respectful approach to bring your sustainable projects to life. We handle all the technical details, remaining in full communication throughout the life of your project to ensure it meets and your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us to schedule a consultation and get started.

Stone & Spade Permaculture Earthworks
Stone & Spade Permaculture Gardening
Stone and Spade Permaculture Project